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Daniel has served Schuyler County for over twenty years.

Daniel attended Schuyler County Head Start, which his mother was integral in the founding of. He was raised in a family that valued community service and the protection of children above all else. Since 1996 Daniel has practiced law in Schuyler County, where he founded the Fitzsimmons Law Firm and the Schuyler County Law Guardian Office. He served as Town Judge for eight years in the town of Hector until 2018. He has tried thousands of cases in Schuyler County and served as the legal counsel for the sitting County Judge. He currently serves as as Court Attorney Referee for all Ten Counties in the NYS Six Judicial District and has been appointed by the head of the NYS Bar Association to the Committee on Rural Justice.


The Fitzsimmons family has lived and worked in Schuyler County for the past 53 years.

If you’ve been to a doctor, had kids in school, voted in Hector, been to family court, or had a sick pet, you may know a member of Dan’s family. We have been your teachers, your health care providers, your veterinarians, your lawyers and your county legislators. The Fitzsimmons Family is dedicated to public service. Dan Fitzsimmons was born at the old Schuyler Hospital in 1968 to a family with few economic resources and a great passion for community, health, education, and justice…


A campaign beyond party lines.

Daniel Fitzsimmons is your candidate for Schuyler County Judge. Daniel seeks the support of all parties for the non-partisan position of County Judge. He has assembled a campaign committee with representatives from across the political spectrum because he will serve ALL Schuyler County citizens.


Why Elect Dan?

20 + Years of Experience

Fitzsimmons is the only candidate who has served as a Judge, having judiciously and fairly ruled on cases for the past eight years. Fitzsimmons is the only candidate who has served our community for over twenty years in the Schuyler County courts.

Deep Knowledge

Fitzsimmons is the only candidate born and raised in Schuyler County. Fitzsimmons is the only candidate with the knowledge and experience in every realm of county law; having presided over cases of family, criminal, and property law.   

Cares for Families

Fitzsimmons is the only candidate who has served nearly 2,000 Schuyler County children whose lives have needed the protection of the court system. Fitzsimmons is the only candidate to be appointed by NYS to teach child court case courses to practicing attorneys.  

This election MATTERS.

Daniel Fitzsimmons is your fair-minded, impartial choice with decades of experience in the court system. The County Judge seat is a ten year appointment. This election will affect a generation of Schuyler County Citizens. Daniel Fitzsimmons for Schuyler County Judge is a choice you can make to serve your community.